• Congratulations to the Kelsey Creighton who won the second Johanna Johnson Honor Award!

    Judy Brouillette from Project DRIVE and Dave Fraser from the Milford High School had the honor to present the award to Kelsey Creighton.

  • 8th Grade Completion Ceremony

    Project DRIVE/Milford Middle School Students had their completion ceremony on June 20, 2017.  This is one of the many 8th graders that participated.  Cody Goulette and his mother Robyn at the ceremony.  Great Job Cody from all the teachers and staff at Project DRIVE!!  We wish all the 8th graders a big CONGRATS!!


  • Jill Perigny is one of the many Project DRIVE students who graduated this year.  Congrats to all – the Staff and Students are all very proud of each and everyone one of you!

  • Project Based Learning


    Every month the entire student body of Project DRIVE had the opportunity to work on different projects presented by the teachers and associates.  They ranged from a Mock Election, Mad Libs, Newspaper Stories, Geometry 3D project, Building a volcano, Following Directions, Gingerbread Houses, and Career Soft Skill Projects.  The student enjoyed all the projects as well the staff in seeing them work together as teams or just seeing them problem solve and discover together.

    Semester 2 – The DRIVE students worked on a project to help a community organization of Crestwood Nursing Home.  They built a planter, filled it with dirt and plants for the residents to enjoy.  The students presented it to the nursing home during the month of June 2017.

  • Community/Career Trip Opportunities

    June – Field Trip to Nashua Silver Knights – Education Day – 6/13/17

    Crestwood Nursing Home – The students went on 6/12/17 to deliver the planter they donated to the nursing home as a community service project.




  • Johanna Johnson Award
  • 8th Grade Completion Ceremony
  • 2017 Graduate
  • Project Based Learning
  • Community/Career Trips

The Milford Alternative Program, known as Project DRIVE, provides educational and
therapeutic programming for students in grades six through twelve identified as “high
risk” or with a serious emotional disability.
The mission of the Milford Alternative Program is to provide an alternative, safe, and
supportive environment in which students can achieve their academic potential and
develop the skills and competencies necessary for employment, further education, and
daily life.

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