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Emily LaVoy


Reading, writing, listening and speaking are essential communication skills for all fields, so we will work hard to help you improve your skills in those areas this semester. When these skills are further honed, literature that poses some of life’s most enduring questions and commentaries becomes much more interesting and enjoyable.

For these reasons, we will read, watch the movies of, and create projects about classic works, including those by Shakespeare, Edgar Allen Poe, essayists, modern fiction and a variety of others. Student-based learning, with real-life applications, is at the foundation of all of my lesson planning; I seek to make English fun for every student who spends time in my classroom. At the end of each semester, all classes will be required to complete the common assessment for each respective grade level.

Middle School:  6th grade will read The Cay, The House of Dies Drear, and several other titles. 7th grade will read Holes, and Bridge to Terabithia, among other titles.  8th grade will read: The OutsidersAmong the Hidden, and Number the Stars, among others. Students will balance their time with for grade-level reading, writing, and grammatical support; this is always OK to do at home! Scholastic ACTION magazine will be utilized for Common Core-aligned lessons and free-reading choices during Silent Sustained Reading (SSR) time in class. Questions, quizzes, discussion, supplementary materials, movies and projects will all bolster students’ learning opportunities.

English 9: The theme of “responding to life-altering experiences (such as love, loss, and death)” will be explored this semester in the texts studied. Books will include “That Was Then, This is Now,” Romeo & Juliet, “The Odyssey” and “Shakespeare Bats Cleanup.” Students do vocabulary work in Sadlier-Oxford books and practice their grammar, mechanics and usage at 

English 11: The themes of motivation and conflict are explored through the study of The Old Man and the Sea, Death of a Salesman, The Crucible, and Huckleberry Finn. This semester also requires students to write the Kaley Essay, a paper on a student’s choice of controversial topic (school appropriate and prior-approved).  Students do vocabulary work in Sadlier-Oxford books and practice their grammar, mechanics and usage at 

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