Students & Parents

Pennies for Patients FUNDRAISER:  The Project DRIVE Staff and Students are participating for the fifth year in a row in raising money for the organization Pennies for Patients. The total raised in 2015-2016 was $58.00 and 2017-2018 $27.50! We are hoping we can receive even more donations this year.  The money raised goes towards The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Organization.

Career Committee Update:  Project DRIVE has career day’s twice a month.  The staff and students are also requested to dress for success on these days.  In the past for career days the students have visited colleges, a chocolate factory, credit union, Nashua Soup Kitchen, Automotive facility, Nashua Airport, Van Otis Chocolates, Market Basket, and hospitals.  We have had guest speakers come into DRIVE from a bank, college representatives, the armed forces, Animal Rescue League and EMT representatives.  The students are also required to work on their career portfolio that includes work from our Teens in Transition (TNT) program.

Do you know of any ways you could assist our school in this area?  Maybe as a guest speaker or to tour your company?  Please contact if you can think of any ways to assist in this area.

Wellness Committee Update:  Project DRIVE is committed to promoting Health and Wellness with our students.  Some of the past activities were school wide kickball and walks (to promote physical movement), pumpkin carving (to promote motor skills, hand/eye coordination, and healthy pumpkin treats), teachers vs. student challenge, and guest speakers from CIGNA Wellness program, a guest from Pennies for Patients to discuss Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Organization, Todd Boudreau to talk about mental wellness,  Spooktacular event that promoted team physical events, and our nursing department came to speak on how we can help prevent the spread of germs.

Weekly Incentive Committee Update:  Project DRIVE is committed to help motivate the students to do the best they can with weekly incentives.  The students have had the opportunity to earn going for a walk, breakfast, game day, microwave pass, movie day, bake a yummy treat, make your own pizza, popcorn day, 10 point bonus point pass, and ice cream sundae’s.  Bringing weekly incentives to the students has shown positive change in the students attitude in order to qualify for the activities.   The committee has received feedback from the students to determine what some of the incentives they would like to see in order to continue to motivate them for continued success in both behavior and academics.

Project DRIVE is proud to announce that they collected numerous food and animal products to donate to the Animal Rescue League of NH in Bedford, NH.  This is a project that the students work on every school year.  The students had the opportunity to tour and visit with the numerous animals at the Rescue League Facility.  Not only did they provide the donations and visit the facility but they provided some physical labor by providing some community service time to help out this worthy agency.  The students learned that there are so many animals that need your help – can YOU help them today?  If you would like to help them out please contact them directly.