Beth SanMartino



Two high school classes currently being offered at Sage are Essentials of Algebra and Geometry and Geometry

In Essentials, topics include

  • Measures of central tendency
  • Measurements
  • Real Numbers and Variable expressions
  • Two and Three Dimensional Geometry
  • Equations and Ineqaualities
  • Equations and Percents
  • Functions and Graphs
  • Relationships in Geometry

Students are able to work at their own pace with individualized instruction. The book we are using is: Math Matters 1 This course does not include homework, but if a student is absent frequently, work will be given to take home. Hands- on projects are assigned throughout the semester. Students work in small groups or individually.

This high school class explores geometry through visual models and students interact with mathematical concepts,process information,reflect on their experiences and draw conclusions.
Topics include:

  • definition of geometry terms
  • Reasoning
  • Parallel and Perpendicular lines
  • Congruent triangles
  • Relationships within triangles
  • Polygons and Quadrilaterals
  • area

We will use the different materials to explore topics. Students will work on hands-on projects to gain mathematical concepts. Students who complete this coures will earn 1 math credit.

Middle School

Mathematics –

Students will leave this class improving thier basic skills and getting one-on-one attention and help with their gaps in mathematics. Many students are allergic to fractions and division, so particular attention is paid to these tasks. Logical reasoning and critical thinking skills are also taught. Mastering concepts that are needed for higher level math is the goal of this course.


Consumer Science

Students learn to sew by hand and work with a machine. They learn to mend and also sew something that they can wear or use. The students also learn about nutrition and cooking simple meals that are healthy. Students can work on individual projects of thier choosing .One project is based on community service.