Robin Maloney


    The students in Biology will study life, cells, genetics, DNA, evolution, and how they all relate. We will focus on all the wondrous living things around us and their ecological connections. 

 The middle school (grades 6-8) science students follow the curriculum of the Milford School District.  They’ll be studying the environment, force and motion, chemistry, geology, astronomy and other topics from life and physical sciences.  They will also be participating in a physical education program, including time outside (weather-appropriate) and in the gym playing such games as frisbee, kickball, basketball and scooter hockey.  

 The students in Physical science will study matter, atoms, the Periodic table, forces and motion, astronomy and Earth science, thereby coming to understand and appreciate the wonders of the physical world and Universe. – Digital marine library – Historical scientific drawings and writings – Osprey migration tracker  – Encyclopedia of earth’s organisms  – Daily science updates

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