Judy Brouillette


Modern World Studies

The students will learn about the development, success and impact of modern revolutions including, but not limited to, those of South Africa, China, Brazil, and the Middle East.  They will have assessments that include a book journal, personal response paper, tests, quizzes, projects, and homework.

Currently the students are reading a book called “We just want to live here” by Amal Rifa’I, Sylke Tempel, and Odelia Ainbinder.  The story is an unlikely teenage friendship with a Palestinian teenager and an Israeli teenager.  They will be creating a book journal as they read this book.

We just want to live here





American Studies 9

Students learn the study of basic economic principles and American History beginning with the post-Civil War era and ending with the Great Depression. Economics begins the course, with continued emphasis placed on examining historical events through an economic lens. Students use primary and secondary sources to produce projects, essays, and presentations. Assessment is based upon individual grades as well as participation. Fulfills freshmen social studies requirement for graduation.

The students will be required to complete a Final Assessment Paper and Project – the rubrics are on the tabs below.

US History Modern America