Kristi Bradshaw

Traditional classroom style learning was challenging for Brandon. He often fell behind in his school work and found himself in trouble for being disruptive in class.  At the beginning of his senior year Brandon was offered the chance to explore his interest in automotive work by participating in an internship.  Gurney’s Automotive in Milford welcomed the opportunity to mentor Brandon. Brandon was partnered with veteran employee, Jay who admitted to having similar challenges in school. It was apparent from the start that Jay seemed to “get” Brandon. The two formed a great working relationship. Over the course of the semester, traditional schooling continued to challenge Brandon, but at Gurney’s he was engaged and eager to work. The internship was so successful that it was extended for a second semester. Brandon continued to thrive in this environment. Upon graduation and completion of his internship Brandon was offered a full time position. Today, he is gainfully employed and loving his job at Gurney’s.  Since being hired, he has received a raise and will also participate in additional training at Nashua Community College.

Way to go Brandon!! And thank you Gurney’s for your support!

Kristi Half Marathon


As a Special Education Job Coach, I assist students in making successful transitions from school to the next step in life and to a career. Career development is a lifelong process that can be fostered through education programs both in the classroom and outside of the classroom.

The importance of work-based learning…

Work-based learning experiences extend the walls of the classroom out into the community. These experiences can help a student make career decisions, network with potential employers, select courses of study, and develop job skills relevant to future employment. Through the interaction of work and study experiences, students can enhance their academic knowledge, personal development, and professional preparation. Students have the opportunity to participate in work based learning experiences via job shadows and internships.

Job Shadows

A job shadow is a career exploration activity in which students observe the work day of a professional, interact with clients or customers and attend meetings and other appointments.

Job shadows are designed to help students explore a field of interest while developing research skills and building occupational knowledge. A job shadows gives students the opportunity for to ask questions of the worker being shadowed and includes opportunities for the student to see what REALLY goes on in a “day in the life” of the worker they are shadowing.


An internship is a career preparation activity in which students are placed in a workplace for a defined period of time to participate in and observe work within a given industry. Internships are highly structured, time-limited experiences that occur at a work site. They are designed to give students hands-on experience, providing them a deeper understanding of the occupation and industry. Internships may be paid or unpaid. Students participating in internships have the ability to earn credit towards their high school diploma.

Internships are intended to enhance workplace knowledge and workplace awareness. They help build the skills required for specific occupations by exposing students to all aspects of the industry and the multiple career options available at a workplace. Internships engage students in their own learning and provide multiple opportunities for reflection on the experience, both verbally and in writing.

Teens in Transition – T’NT

T’NT is a class designed to help students better understand their opportunities for life after high school. In providing these services to students, we hope to increase young adults’ chances of becoming prepared to explore educational opportunities, gain employment, manage a budget and live independently in the community after the completion of high school.